Better, Stronger, Faster!

Thursday 18 February - Sunday 21 February, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Suitability: All Ages

Sports Science at W5

Free With Admission Into W5

In the modern world of sport, athletes, coaches and scientists are continually pushing the boundaries of human physical achievement and completely redefining the limits of the human body. Cutting-edge science is also being employed to develop new materials, equipment and techniques, all with the aim of making us better, stronger, faster!
Can you set the fastest lap on one of the world’s most famous racetracks in our full size Formula 1 car? Or why not tackle a virtual rugby player, row against a friend, check your reaction time, take an ice hockey shot and see if you can jump as high as a top basketball player! How good is your iron shot? Find out in the golf simulator. Our range of visual sports simulators will allow you to test your skill and your nerves as you kick conversions in rugby or take penalties against a virtual goalkeeper in an intense stadium environment. 
Special Day of Activity - Sat 20 Feb, 10am - 6pm
Fitness Genes
Scientists have found that your genes (a set of instructions which your body uses to determine what you are like) can affect how you respond to exercise and how much benefit you will get out of exercising.
Come and join our workshop to do some hands on laboratory work with the stratified medicine scientists to find out how our test subjects’ genes are affecting their fitness levels and how you can help them improve their fitness and health. Help us as we see how their bodies respond to exercise and what type of training they should be doing based on their genetic make-up.
Are Stem Cells the Answer?
Is it really possible that stem cells could hold the key to creating super athletes? Stem cell therapies hold much promise for the treatment of various injuries and diseases suffered by sports people. While there are currently no approved stem cell treatments, researchers are working on harnessing the process by which stem cells repair and replace damaged tissues and cells. Athletes too are always seeking a competitive edge, some even turning to doping to boost stem cell production. 
Come along and join in our high speed stem cell game where you begin life as a stem cell and determine your own cell fate. In the process, find out how stem cells can be used and abused in sport.
The Science and Medicine behind Sporting Success
Competition is fierce in the world of high performance sport. Each year it becomes harder to reach the podium and win medals as athletes from all over the world strive for marginal gains over their opposition. 
In this lecture discussion and Q&A session, a team of experts from the Sports Institute will take you behind the scenes and reveal some of the science and medicine that sits behind high performance. They will demonstrate the challenges associated with maintaining health and fitness to perform, and explore the value added by support in areas such as strength & conditioning, sports physiotherapy, physiology, performance analysis, nutrition and psychology.
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