Synaesthesia Cocktails

Saturday 20 February, 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Suitability: Adults


Can you taste colour? Join us for the Synaesthesia Cocktails night and find out how astute your senses really are. Do you match everyone else's taste - or are you a colour contrarian? 

Having taken away all clues about colour and ingredients, we'll be conducting a live psychology experiment with 7 delicious cocktails in shot form (your choice whether to politely sip or neck 'em) and testing the audiences colour-taste association, to see what associative trends emerge.

We'll also hear from a real-life synaesthete and learn about the psychology and neuroscience that causes synaesthesia. 

Synaesthesia Cocktails is brought to you by Art Neuro, a team of scientists looking at neuroscience in a new light, exploring everything to do with the brain through art, craft, design and in this case cocktails. 


The Black Box
18-22 Hill Street