Sexy Science - A Faculty Lecture

Sunday 28 February, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Suitability: 16+


Kissing. Flirting. Love. These behaviours form the foundation of human existence as we know it. Are humans programmed for monogamy? Are looks really that important?
Society tells us romance is responsible for relationships. The truth is, it’s all down to science: a captivating cocktail of chemistry, genetics, biology and evolution.
Some of us don’t even get to the kissing stage before falling madly in love with the dark haired barista in Starbucks. Others date for years before finding “the one”. And what about those who find “the one”… multiple times? Science can explain why we love to fall in love. 
Emer Maguire, UK Famelab winner and stand-up scientist takes us on a journey through the weird, wonderful and downright fascinating phenomenon that is sexy science.
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The Black Box
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